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January 25 2015

Retop Electric released their new battery capacity tester

Battery Capacity Tester
Jan 15, 2015-America-Retop Electric is proud to introduce the NEWLY: Full Battery Scanner (Laptop Battery Tester). The NEWLY Full Battery Scanner uses advanced state-of-the-art technologies to perform a wide range of tests related to battery life, capacity, component quality and performance. Use of the NEWLY Full Battery Scanner gives the user the ability to accurately determine a battery's status and relative value.

The major benefits of their new laptop Battery Load Banks are:

Check Supplier Deliveries: Know for certain that the batteries you ordered are the batteries you received. Confirm that the specifications on the label are the actual specifications of the batteries you received. Confirm the manufacture date, full charge capacity, designed capacity, voltage, etc. Get what you paid for,

Check Outbound Shipments: Eliminate RMA issues before they happen by checking battery life and battery quality before you ship product to your customers. Protect your reputation and profitability.

Check RMA Inbounds: Be certain that the reasons for a customer��s RMA valid. Verify working status of the laptop battery. Is it really a bad battery or can it be returned to good inventory and be resold again.

This laptop battery tester has testing times of 20 seconds per battery allowing for high testing volumes. This device is fully portable with an internal battery enabling 10 hour run times. It is light weight, portable and has a small footprint for easy portability. The NEWLY Full Battery Scanner comes with connectors which work with 95% of laptop brands and models in the market.

The NEWLY Full Battery Scanner (Laptop Battery Discharge Tester) comes with one unit, a serial cable, an ac adapter and an assortment of connector tips which fit nearly all laptop batteries.

Check out the NEWLY Full Battery Scanner (Laptop Battery Tester) today. Get the upper hand in the laptop battery market and NEVER GET CHEATED AGAIN!

About Retop Electric www.lbtester.com

Retop Electric offers the best critical battery testing, monitoring and charging solutions in the industry today. Our product offering includes Battery Monitoring Systems, Battery Resistance Testers, DC Load Banks, Battery Chargers and much more to protect your critical power systems. All of our products are well-received in domestic and overseas utilities, telecommunications, power plants and state grids."

Email: cheney@xdctest.com
Website: http://www.lbtester.com/

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